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Heartspace - This is where it all started...

Well here we are with Heartspace's very first Blog! Yes!

It felt fitting to begin where it all began... me, sitting on the floor of my bedroom/sitting room at my mum's house, as a single mum, dreaming that one day I would become a counsellor who could support other's, who, maybe like me had been through a really rocky ride, a few storms. So there I was sitting there feeling like at last I might have something precious that could be shared of my heart and this space that had opened up within it. A heartspace that had been handed down to me from some of the most wise and compassionate people in this world. So I'm giving these little gems to you, now. I hope you will find some interest in them and see the beneficial meaning in them too.

When I look back now at that young mum with all her difficulties and challenges, but carrying so much potential in her heart it's still amazing to think of where those few dreams and a lot of hard work have taken me. Here I am as a professional counsellor and psychotherapist with my own private practice room having helped hundred's of clients with differing issues. Yet none of this would have been possible if it wasn't for the kindness and patience of my mum, the wise influence of my spiritual teachers and the encouragement of Leigh Smith at Heartwood Counselling & Psychotherapy College.

Chuffed to bits to finally get my certificate, back in 2019.

So what are these Blogs going to be about? Well I hope they will be to provide useful and relevant information that you can enjoy. I will write articles about common issues that clients are facing like anxiety, fears, loneliness and depression, anger, traumas and relationship issues, life's struggles, identity issues, gender issues and bipolar, autism and chronic illness and well we'll just see what this baby will grow into...? More often than not, a potential client has thought about, researched and tried many things before hitting rock bottom and saying, “I can’t fix this myself, I need help.” These blogs are a good way for me to begin communicating with you so that you feel you've already met me before we even embark on our journey of therapy together, which can be a daunting thing to start out on, so hopefully this will make it a little easier.

January 2022, here I am walking at one of my favourite beaches, Westward Ho! With my daughter and doggie, it was like walking on glass.

So hopefully here I can build a connection with you, so when you are ready to get help, you already know me and what I can offer. You can see on the website what areas of work I have skills in and can read about that there. I want you know that I understand how it can feel to be utterly at the brink of a nervous break down, to have been in a place of darkness and despair, to have had thoughts of suicide. I am human, I have struggled and I have survived and I have come out the other side stronger (more able to be vulnerable and okay with that) and able to support others through their stuff, no matter how dark. I really do love my work and get some awesome feedback like this just before Christmas 2022.

'I just wanted to send a message mainly to say thank you. I’m beyond grateful for you, the work you do and I’m so glad to have been able to work with you. Im in a much better place now so thank you for that. You’ll be pleased to know that I'm being supported at work, being more open with those around me and being more accepting of myself. All of which is making my journey much more bearable. So again, thanks so much for all you did for me. Wishing you the happiest Christmas and a lovely new year!' - Client Testimonial

Look forward to hearing from you and your feedback on my blogs


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