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Mindfulness for Wellbeing Events

What is Mindfulness?

It is paying attention in a particular way in the present moment without judgement, a kindly attention, one that opens us to the freshness of this moment, we call this beginner's mind. We become aware of our senses and this awareness allows us to strengthen our attention, awaken our compassion and empathy and expand our acceptance of our own inner states of mind.


What are the benefits, why do I need it?

The benefits are actually limitless, mindfulness practice can help lower heart rate, dissolve anxiety and fear and reduce pain in the body. It can help holistically to reconnect us to our body, mind and world. It is the key that unlocks our understanding of our mind. Mindfulness can strengthen our attention, awaken compassion and empathy, and expand our acceptance of our own inner states. We may notice after only a few weeks that we are feeling more peaceful and less reactive to adversity. Simple awareness of senses, thoughts and emotions can give us the choice to get caught up in them or the freedom to choose better ways of being.

“My greatest satisfaction comes from seeing mindfulness make a positive difference to others, where they can find relief to their suffering and lead a  better quality of life”.

- Fiona Layton

Meditation by the Sea


"Mindfulness represents not only the mind but also the totality of our experience in relating to the world through all the senses. It is not a static 'thing' to attain but rather a lively and dynamic process of living fully. By being mindful, we are choosing to be awake and connected to the workings of the mind and body as well as to the nature of things as they are."

 - Elana Rosenbaum

Almond Tree Flowers
Rock Balancing
Body Scan ExtensiveHeartspace Mindfulness
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